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Comfortable and Energy Efficient Window Tinting for Your Home or Business

Your windows let in precious natural light and beauty. But with that light can come hot room temperatures, high utility bills and faded furniture. Our professional window tinting allows you to still enjoy beautiful outdoor views without any of those drawbacks!

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    Discover the 3M Window Film Difference

    In our three decades of window tinting in Northern Illinois, we have yet to find a better product than 3M. No other window tinting film provides as many benefits while still maintaining pristine outdoor views. Here’s how 3M window film can improve your home:

    Keep Out the Heat

    Reduce up to 78% of the sun’s heat. Keep the temperature in your home or business consistent all day and reduce your utility bills.

    Remove Harmful UV Rays

    Filter out up to 99% of ultraviolet rays. Protect your furniture, wallpaper and other valuables from fading and your skin from UV damage.

    Extended Warranty Coverage

    Residential customers enjoy a limited lifetime warranty, and commercial customers get a 10-year warranty with professional installation.

    Preserve Crystal Clear Views

    Keep outdoor views unobstructed by glare. Other window films cause a mirroring effect in direct sunlight, but not 3M window film!

    Get the Quality Service You Deserve

    We consider it an honor to be an exclusive 3M dealer because it shows we do quality work. After all, 3M doesn’t allow their authorized dealers to do a poor job. Here’s how our fully insured crews get the job done right with dedicated and flexible service:

    Initial Inspection We will visit your home or business to assess the situation and understand what you want to improve.

    Product Demos We will then show you how we can help with demonstrations using window film samples.

    Customized Quote Next, you will receive a quote based on a solution specific to your problem area and budgetary expectations.

    Sign and Schedule We will then meticulously clean the windows to ensure the film will completely adhere to them.

    Work Preparation Our workers will arrive on time and put down material to protect your floors and window frames.

    Window Cleaning We will then meticulously clean the windows to ensure the film will completely adhere to them.

    Installation Once the windows are clean, we will apply the window film for a spotless, bubble-free finish.

    Quality Inspection You can then inspect the windows to make sure everything looks good and is to your liking.

    Thorough Cleanup Once you’re satisfied, we will clean up and leave your home or business looking beautiful.

    What Our Customers Say We really appreciate all of your reviews. Thank you so much!

    Enjoy the Many Benefits of Window Tinting How can high-quality window film transform your home or business for the better?

    Residential Window Tinting Benefits

    Consistent Comfort

    3M window film is designed to reflect much of the sun’s heat back outside. So, every room of your home will remain at a comfortable temperature no matter what direction the sun is shining.

    Year-Round Savings

    Not only does the window film control the sun’s heat, but it also helps keep hot or cool air inside. So, window tinting can help you save on heating in the winter and cooling in the summer!

    Damage Protection

    Window tinting will block out UV rays that can fade your couches, portraits and other decorations. Plus, our specialty film can prevent windows from shattering during burglary attempts or natural disasters.

    Commercial Window Tinting Benefits

    Increased Natural Light

    Window film redirects light deeper into commercial buildings. As a result, your company will enjoy more pleasant natural light throughout the space and save on energy costs for extra lighting.

    Improved Security

    One of the biggest concerns for businesses is burglary attempts. Fortunately, 3M offers specialty window film that can hold broken glass in place to deter burglars and protect against other incidents.

    Beautiful Decoration

    Window film also doesn’t have to be transparent. Many businesses enjoy using decorative window tinting to create translucent partitions between offices or the appearance of texturized glass on doors.

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